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Europeanisation of Public Spheres? 
Political Mobilisation, Public Communication, and the European Union

List of Papers to Be Presented

Silke Adam and Barbara Berkel (Universität Hohenheim)– Media structures as a brake block of the Europeanisation of public spheres? Development of a cross-national typology
Peter Anderson and Aileen McLeod (University of Central Lancashire) - The Great Non-Communicator? The mass communication deficit of the European Parliament and its press directorate
Jan Beyers and Bart Kerremans (Universiteit Leiden, Universiteit Leuven)– Access and Legitimacy: Outline of a Research Project
Donatella della Porta, Manuela Caiani, Lorenzo Mosca and Sara Valenza (European University Institute, Universita degli Studi di Firenze)– Forms of Europeanization of the public sphere in Italy in a cross-time, cross-issue and cross-media perspective
Carolina G. de Miguel and Anke Tresch (Universitat Pompéu Fabra Barcelona, Universität Zürich) – Towards a fragmentation of national public spheres? Public discourse on European integration and pensions in Spain and Switzerland
Cornelia Dereje, Cathleen Kantner and Hans-Jörg Trenz (Humboldt Universität Berlin) – The quality press and European integration
Ece Göztepe-Celebi and Aykut Celebi (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Uinversity of Ankara) – European public sphere in the periphery? The public discussion on the European Union in Turkey in 2002
Virginie Guiraudon and Paul Statham (CRAPS/CNRS Lille, University of Leeds) – Externalizing a highly sensitive issue: “Europe” in immigration policy debates in France and the UK
Margit Jochum and Jeannette Mak (Universität Zürich, Universiteit van Amsterdam)– Europeanization without membership, membership without Europeanization? An analysis of agricultural and monetary issues in the national public spheres of Switzerland and the Netherlands
Ruud Koopmans and Jessica Erbe (WZB Berlin) - Towards a European public sphere? Vertical and horizontal dimensions of Europeanised political communication
Ruud Koopmans and Barbara Pfetsch (WZB Berlin, Universität Hohenheim) - Europeanised political communication: Comparing the role of political Actors and the media in Germany
Ruud Koopmans and Ann Zimmermann (WZB Berlin) - Internet: A New Potential for European Political Communication?
Christoph Meyer (Universität zu Köln) – Towards a Europeanization of Socio-Economic Discourses? A Study of Quality Press Coverage of the EU’s Provisions for the Co-ordination of Economic Policies since Amsterdam
Christoph Münzing and Hans-Jörg Trenz (Humboldt Universität Berlin) – “Qua vadis Europe?” Quality newspapers struggling for European unity
Bernhard Peters and Stefanie Sifft (Universität Bremen) – The transnationalization of public spheres: A public discourse approach
Rolf-Hagen Schulz-Forberg (European University Institute) – title to be announced
Marianne van der Steeg and Thomas Risse (European University Institute, Freie Universität Berlin) – An Emerging European Public Sphere? Theoretical Clarifications and some Empirical Results
Maria Trif and Doug Imig (University of Memphis, USA)– Demanding to be heard: Social movements and the crafting of the new Europe
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